Monday, February 21, 2011

The Fall of Tyre

Are you familiar with the story of Tyre? Tyre was a powerful city in its time, known for its skilled artisans and its great wealth. It was the jewel of ancient Phoenicia. The people there, however, became beguiled by their own greatness. They congratulated themselves on their power, their knowledge, their beauty, and they grew prideful. They denied the Lord in favour of their own personal glory. And so they fell (Ez. 28:18).

They failed to remember that everything they had was given to them by the Lord. They forgot that the most important thing in life was not wealth or splendour or recognition, but a relationship with God. They thought they were secure in their grandeur. They thought their power and influence made them mighty, but instead it made them weak.

We should always be careful to avoid such snares. We should always remember that it’s God’s strength and wisdom that we borrow, not our own. Because of this, we should never neglect our time with our Lord, nor think of ourselves as too grand, too smart, or too independent. We should always keep God in the forefront of our thoughts, our actions, our whole lives, and we will not fall as Tyre did.

Do you ever wonder what might happen to our current civilization?

note: photo of Pompeii. If you look carefully you can see Mount Vesuvius in the background. It's the only photo I have of the place before my camera battery died.

Monday, February 14, 2011

God’s Love

Because it’s Valentine’s Day, I felt I should publish a love theme post. What greater love is there than God’s love?

No matter how wonderful it can be, we all know human love is flawed. Even in the strongest relationships, there will be moments of impatience. There will be the occasional unjustified anger. There will even be instances of unkindness. It’s because we’re human and why we need forgiveness.

However, we can’t judge God by this flawed love.

God is different to us. He doesn’t love us because we loved him first. He doesn’t love us because of our appearance. He doesn’t love us on the condition that we’re successful and doesn’t love us for our money. He doesn’t even love us because we have somehow earned it.

God is love and it's in his perfect nature to love us, regardless of our flaws. God’s love is forever and will never fade with time. He will never neglect us or grow bored with us. Love will never be a duty for God. God’s love is pure. It is whole and it is perfect.

And God loves you. Wholly and deeply and eternally. How awesome is that?

What are some little things that make you certain of God’s love?