Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Strawberry

Life is like a Strawberry. Its sweetness can be delighted in – until you get a seed caught in your teeth. Then you have to pick at it and poke at it and hope the seed dislodges. It’s uncomfortable and irritating when it refuses to budge. Even though you know the seed will eventually come out, it becomes a distraction to everything else.

The big question then presents itself to the lover of strawberries. Do I avoid the strawberry for fear of the seed? Do I perhaps only appreciate the shape, the plumpness and juiciness of the strawberry from afar? Or, do I take large bites out of the fruit and accept whatever comes my way because I know the strawberry is a gift?

The thing is a strawberry, like life, can only be fully appreciated in its entirety. This includes the seeds. We can do all we can to avoid the seeds. We can squash strawberries down and strain out the seeds. We can cook them and soften the seeds. But no matter what we do, strawberries will always have seeds. It’s just a matter of how we deal with them.

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