Sunday, February 28, 2010

End of Summer

Here in Australia we are coming to the end of summer. The nights are only just beginning to feel cooler. The days are still long, but they aren’t as humid. I have a smile on my face again in anticipation for the coming winter. And then I thought about it…

Every year during the summer months I’d mourn the loss of winter. I’d complain about the heat. I’d complain about the flies. I’d see myself as a winter girl who loved snuggling down under thick blankets, listening to the cold rain outside, eating the warming foods such as the slow-cooked lamb shanks, the winter stews, and the shepherd’s pies.

Of course, every year during the winter months I’d mourn the loss of summer. I’d complain about the cold. I’d complain about the heavy clothes. I’d see myself as a summer girl who loved the heat, the swimming pools, and even the summer foods such as the plethora of seafood, mangoes and ice creams.

Seasons change. It’s unavoidable. Life changes. That too is unavoidable. Everything around us changes. No summer is exactly the same. No winter is identical. We are all a little older than the last one. We are all a little changed. So let’s appreciate everything that we have rather than complaining and wishing for something else. Let’s thank our God for the Now.

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