Friday, September 3, 2010

The Universal Language of God

A few years ago I went on an exchange program to South Korea. It was a truly amazing experience. One of the church services I attended in Seoul stood out the most. The translation technology had broken so I listened to the entire service in Korean. I didn’t understand a word of it, but I understood the passion for Christ. The whole amphitheatre rang with praises for God. The leaders spoke with genuine fire in their hearts. Their love for God radiated from them.

It was the most memorable service I ever attended because the focus was all on God. I couldn’t get caught up in logics. I couldn’t get lost in interesting facts. I couldn’t wander through inspirational stories. All I had was the wordless experience of witnessing God’s power in the life of that church. The passion was so evident that the speakers would burst into song in the middle of their sermons. Even for them, words alone weren’t enough.

It’s because there are no words for the depth of love God has for us. There are no words for the gratitude we feel for Him. God speaks to us in ways that go deeper than words.

How does God speak to you? What’s the most memorable service you’ve ever attended?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

God only needs to speak to our hearts!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

oh, i love this! the service that i think was so memorable was in Nicaragua almost 2 years ago. It was my first service on my first mission trip. The people of nicaragua were so precious. they worshipped with all their hearts and His presence was so evident, it was amazing.

Just Be Real said...

God is finding His way more and more into my heart.

Lynda Young said...

Alex, so true

Beth, oh wow, that sounds like an amazing and wonderful experience!

JBR, awesome, awesome. That's so good to hear.


RCUBEs said...

It was when I went home to visit my dying father [2006] and we both went to his church and got to meet everyone. We don't need words to convey anything. When there is love that comes from the Lord, there is just no thick barrier that His love can't penetrate. Thank you sister for your encouragement and prayers. To God be the glory! God bless. I'm feeling a lot better. Just resting more.

Sandy said...

The Lord speaks to me through
His word, but He also seems
to enjoy speaking to me while
I am doing housework. I'm not
sure why but I love it.
As far as memorable services,
there have been many. I would
say the morning I gave my life
back to God after having been
away from Him for a number of
years. His Spirit washed over
me and the feeling of forgive-
ness was so wonderfully over-
whelming. I will never forget

sarah said...

I'm not sure what the most memorial service was but His love is something that is amazing.

Lynda Young said...

Rcubes, That's such good news to hear you are feeling a whole lot better!!! Blessings to you.

Sandy, He is so patient and loving towards us. And yes, I love His voice when I'm doing everyday things.

Sarah, it is amazing indeed!

Amanda said...

Lynda, I can just imagine the experience you described. I saw a couple of short video clips from a Church in Korea, and their passion puts us Westerners to shame.

I long to experience something of what you experienced. How precious an experience that was!

He speaks to me in so many different ways... but mostly, it is that small, still voice. Small, but very clear. I love hearing what He has to say to me...

Lynda Young said...

Amanda, I was also lucky enough to get to see the pre-preparations before their services. All the people get together in their small groups - the leaders, the singers, the women, the men - and they pray and sing and turn their focus on God. It's just as worshipful as the service.

Anonymous said...

I used to attend a Korean church here in the US and have attended the prayer meeting before. The prayers a powerful. I could not understand what they were saying, but felt the passion. One of my best friends is from Korea.


Ann Best said...

You just came over to my blog from KarenG's BBQ. Yes, we both brought fruit to the "party."

I see I'm already your follower, and will be returning to read your inspirational posts.

I've had SO many spiritual experiences, I actually once wrote a book about them. It is true that communication with God is deeper than words; it has to be since we all speak a different earth language. God's language is spirit to spirit.

I'm glad I met you, again. I think your blog is beautiful, which is an extension of your beautiful spirit.

Stuff could always be worse said...

This post is so true, you can see or feel the sincere, worship. Even if you cannot understand the language. This is true, anywhere I hope!

DORCAS said...

So true. How beautiful it is to see that genuine praise and love for God!



Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

What a wonderful experience you had. I love your button and am now a folower of your blog. I love finding other Christian bloggers.

Nice to meet you at Karen's BBQ party. Hope you have a great weekend and will visit my blogs too.

Lynda Young said...

Tammy, I hadn't been a part of anything as powerful as what I had experienced in South Korea. So amazing!

Ann, spirit to spirit. I like that. It's been such a great blog BBQ. I've found many new friends and been reunited with many more :)

Kim, worship needs no words. Blessings.

Dorcas, Amazing indeed!

Lynda Young said...

Karen, welcome! It's lovely to meet you. Karen's blog party really has been great.

Karen said...

"God speaks to us in ways that go deeper than words."...oh, yes...and those ways tend to speak louder than words ever could...

My most memorable service? There have been several...and space does not allow for a proper description...a future blog post, perhaps? Thanks for the idea....

Lynda Young said...

Karen, oh yes! I'd love to hear all about your most memorable services :)