Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Assertive Faith

When I first became a Christian all those many years ago, I thought I didn’t need to do anything else. I knew we can’t earn our salvation so I thought all the hard work was done. I was a shy little thing with mostly non-Christian friends so I also told myself I didn’t need to share my faith. My life didn’t change at all except that I quietly believed.

But then I learned something remarkable and wonderful: our Christian faith is not a passive thing. Our faith is not meant to be contained. It is not meant to be hidden or quiet. We are made alive in our faith and so we are called to live that life.

And that requires action.

When we live fully and openly in God, our lives are enriched in ways we could not have imagined. We are called to be no less than holy so only our best efforts will do. We no longer need to drift aimlessly through life. We no longer need to pretend we are our own masters. We can shout out God’s praises with joy and be proud of our membership in His Family.

This is a gift from God. Let us live that gift.


Rose said...

Lynda, we do sometimes hope to remain "undercover Christians" but when we truly understand, as you stated, we can do no less than Christ did. We must share the Gospel!

Warren Baldwin said...

"Our Christian faith is not a passive thing." Well said, and the whole post is good.


Rita said...

Oh Lynda, what a gift that is! I'm so glad He loves us! Good reminder!

Sandy said...

We are not called to be closet
Christians but rather we must
let our lights shine in this
dark world. There is no place
for passivity.
Good word and an encouragement
to get the real Word out there

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's right - we can 'do' to earn salvation, but we can 'do' to spread the word. Even being the example!

Sharon Kirby said...

Good thoughts, Lyn - a "call to arms" in a way. God wants us to be active in our faith - LIVING it out in everything we do. We must claim and proclaim our status as children of the King!!


Just Be Real said...

Thank you Lyn for this post. Blessings.

Karen said...

Lynda, I was reminded as I read your wonderful words, it definitely is a gift ~ and we love unwrapping gifts and showing them, why can't we be as excited to share the gift HE has given.

David C Brown said...

Very good - and very testing.

The just shall live by faith.

Deborah Ann said...

Amen, Lynda! I'm with you. Let's take this thing by the wheels and live big!

Carol Riggs said...

Absolutely. I've let this very important part of my life bleed over into my writer life too--I noticed some writers who were Christian actually put that on their blog. And so I thought wow, I should be doing that, and so put a phrase/sentence about being a Christian on my writer blog. It's nice to make connections BECAUSE of that, too. :)

sarah said...

agree totally. I think life is the best with Him in our corner. I think it's an amazing adventure.