Friday, June 11, 2010

Our Choices

Do you choose darkness
or do you choose Light?

Do you choose lies
or do you choose Truth?

Do you choose war
or do you choose Peace?

Do you choose death
or do you choose Life?

Do you choose a moment
or do you choose eternity with God?

These are the choices we make every day.
Do you choose self or do you choose God?


Sandy said...

Wonderful and thought-provoking
post today, Lynda. We do have
choices we must make daily that
determine whether we will be
walking in victory or defeat.

Wendy Paine Miller said...

Reminds me of the verse: You are either for me or against me. We are constantly making choices, aren't we? Great post.
~ Wendy

Karen said...

Our daily choices are so important...even after we make that one most important choice...

I do hope you are feeling better....

Sista In Arms Lxx said...

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!
A daily choice.
Hi Lynda, thanks for dropping by my blog,and I enjoy reading yours, great to find another Aussie :) Lxx

Aliene said...

We make choices everyday that affect our lives and others. May the Lord help us to make the right choices as His children.

Jemsmom said...

Thanks for the great post. I had a rough weekend where I didn't make the best choices, but I followed others and didn't choose to serve the Lord. It was a weekend of learning a valuable lesson.

sarah said...

this is so simple Lynda....but sooo powerful.

Just Be Real said...

Goody goody post Lyn. Blessings to you always.

Prayer Girl said...

I choose God all the way every day.


Lynda Young said...

Sandy - often we think we only need to make the choice once, but really it's a daily thing.

Wendy - I think the verse you are thinking of is Mark 9:40

Karen - In the middle of the week I was getting better, but now the flu has flared up again and all I want to do is curl up somewhere quiet.

Sista - There doesn't seem like there's many of us Aussie around (not that I've found anyways).

Aliene - Amen to that

Kathryn - The wonderful thing is even when we make mistakes, our Lord patiently waits for us and is always there for us.

Sarah & JBR - thanks. Blessings to you both.

Lynda Young said...

PG - It's an awesome thing to be able to say with conviction and confidence that you choose God all the way every day.