Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tools to Weed

Winter is approaching here in Australia. We’ve had only two dry days in Sydney since May 17th. That’s a lot of rain. On the weekend my husband and I enjoyed a morning of sunlight (before it rained again). We went into the garden only to discover the weeds had taken over – again.

I’m not a huge fan of weeding. I prefer to do the job when there isn’t a lot to do, when the garden isn’t completely overrun. It’s easier and the sense of satisfaction is rewarding rather than just exhausting.

Weeding is much like maintaining our faith. We need to weed the sin out of our lives. It’s easier when we do it on a regular basis before sin takes hold and overruns us.

And it’s easier when we use the right tools:

God’s word equips us with the protection we need, like gloves that protect us from the thorns.

God’s truth lets us recognise the weeds in our lives so we can pull them out the moment they appear.

God’s salvation gives us the power to change. We are no longer slaves to the weeds.

God’s strength helps us to persevere. Weeding is not a thing that is ever finished. They try to take root in even the best maintained garden.

God’s love is our motivation. Because of God’s love for us we are able to love Him and because of this we want to glorify God with everything we do.

What do most like and/or dislike about weeding?


Just Be Real said...

Amen the covering of the Word of God is so appropriate. Thank you Lyn for sharing. Blessings to you.

GrammyGoo said...

Thank you for coming by and commenting. Covering you in prayer Lyn that God would totally restore you to wellness and health.
Blessings, Ella

Sandy said...

I really don't dislike weeding
of either kind. When I weed our
gardens I know I am getting the
bad "stuff" out so the good can
grow more freely. It's the same
in my walk with Him. If I let
sin overtake me my relationship
with God suffers. So it is a
relief to have the Holy Spirit
show me where I have allowed
sin in so I can repent and clean
things out. Then, and only then,
can I start to grow again in

Aliene said...

Why is it that you can plant beautiful flowers and the weeds take over? Sounds like that is what you see. I see the same thing and we have hot (90's) weather and no rain. Have to water the weeds-uphs!
I mean the garden and flowers.
Have a good day.

alicia said...

Thanks for sharing this great post!!
I was weeding our garden this week and some similar thoughts, you voiced them much better than I could!
Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

I spent two days weeding our vegetable garden this past week. As I used the hoe to pull up the weeds and turn them over to expose their roots to the light, then chop them up so that they wouldn't come back - I was thinking along the same lines. When we become transparent with God and allow His Light to shine in the dark places of our lives, we are exposing the 'root' cause of sin in our lives to the Only weed-killer that works. **wink**
Good one Lynda.

Lynda Young said...

JBR - blessings to you too.

Ella - Thanks so much for the prayer. Much needed and much appreciated.

Sandy - absolutely it's a relief when we put right our relationship with God.

Aliene - hehe indeed.

Alicia - Thanks..and blessings to you too :)

Deb - very well said :)

Karen said...

I dislike the fact that the weeds seem to grow faster than the grass and the flowers...

When sin creeps in to my life...and is left unattended... it stunts the growth of any good thing by growing faster and taller...until that's all I can see...

Great post, Lyn!

Lynda Young said...

I totally agree about the fast growing weeds... we have to be diligent :)

Walter Knight said...

Bad weeds live longer. It's not fair.