Friday, June 25, 2010

Wallpaper of the Week – John 15:5

A few years ago a need arose in my church for someone to run a service, including giving the sermon. I had never done anything like it. I was shy, I stumbled over my words, I blushed and I was just not into the public speaking thing. It was an impossible task.

Jesus asked the disciples to find food to feed thousands of people. It wasn’t like they could pop down to the local shops and buy supplies. They didn’t have enough food, they didn’t have enough money, and they didn’t have enough time to mess around because the people were hungry now. It was an impossible task.

But nothing is impossible with God.

I put pen to paper and then God gave me the words. God gave me the courage to stand in front of the entire congregation. It wasn’t my strength or my steady voice. That was all God. I only listened, trusted and obeyed.

The disciples listened to Jesus and obeyed him. They found a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish. It was Jesus who did the impossible and made the food plentiful enough to go around.

God doesn’t ask us to do the impossible, He asks us to listen, trust, and obey.


Faith Imagined said...

How wonderful you spoke in front of your entire congregation! Nothing is impossible God!

Lynda Young said...

scariest thing I ever did ;)

Just Be Real said...

Wow, kuddos to you! I have enough trouble speaking and singing in front of my peers at work every few months for devotionals. Well done Lyn. God is in control. Great post. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

I have had a similar experience. So scared right before and God's Holy Spirit worked through me. I pray this scripture would be massaged so deep into my Spirit.


Anonymous said...

Yep. Been there.

God calls and we tend overthink things; feeling like WE can't possibly do this.
But when we realize that's what God wants - for us NOT to do it, but for us to be the empty vessels through which HE does it - then we are truly being used by Him.

Anonymous said...

What He calls us to do, He will enable us to do.

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

Good for you Miss Moses :)!
I remember that it isn't my strength, my talent, my voice when I blog, too.
Thanks for the reminder!
Listen, trust, obey.
(Then watch the blessings come!!!)
(I put the lovely award you gave me on my blog--just haven't posted about it, yet.)
Thank you again.
Hugs, sweet sister!

Lynda Young said...

Yes, we are empty vessels and we are blessed when He uses us. He equips us with everything we need whenever we need it :)

ali said...

This is beautiful Lynda and so, so true. How wonderful you had the courage to trust in God so you could have this testimony-building experience. Because you trusted you grew ~ probably just what He wanted to give you. ♥

Lynda Young said...

Trusting Him on the "big" things is almost easy when compared to every day trust when we often fool ourselves into thinking we don't need Him.

Anonymous said...

God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called! Well done and may this be the first of many, many more!