Monday, August 30, 2010

The End of Winter

This is my last post before the end of winter here in Australia. It’s been the coldest winter we’ve had in a long time. I’ve enjoyed more stews and soups than I can remember. I’ve snuggled down under thick blankets and worn heavy clothing. But the cold is coming to an end. The days are beginning to grow warmer.

Personally I love winter and I’m a little sad that it’s passing. But, there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven Ecclesiastes 3:1(NIV). And so I’m looking forward to longer days, warmth and sunlight. I’m looking forward to ice in my drinks again and fresh summer salads. I’m looking forward to my tomatoes ripening and my herbs growing.

Our Lord gives us these things to celebrate His presence in our lives. He gives us these things to appreciate with joy. For us, change is inevitable. We can fight it and miss out on the gifts God gives us, or we can embrace change and make the most of every moment.

What are some things you’ve enjoyed most about the season that is about to pass and the season that is to come?


Jane Steen said...

Here in the Chicago area, the days are finally beginning to grow a little cooler, and the nights more pleasant. The mosquito count (worst for years) is coming down.

I do not enjoy hot, humid Chicago summers much, and the winters are too long. I long for a cool English summer! But a Chicago fall is something to enjoy - often sunny and fresh right till the end of November. And, of course, after a long, long Chicago winter, spring is a great joy.

Enjoy your Australian spring! I may complain, but I also usually find something to enjoy about any kind of weather. And I remind myself often of the blessings of a heated, air conditioned house.

Lynda Young said...

Jane, aah, mosquitoes! I've already seen my first one this season and it's still officially winter!

For all the places in the world I've travelled, I've never been to Chicago. I'd love to visit one day, regardless of its extreme weather.

The beauty of the seasons is that they change. As much as I love winter, I think I'm ready for the change.

Amanda said...

Hi Lynda! Saw your blog mentioned at Michelle' blog on the Aussie sisters, and wanted to come say hello!

Up in North Queensland, we don't get a lot of cold... at best, it gets a bit chilly on some days, but I still love to make soups and stews etc, as it is too hot for those dishes once Summer consumes us.

I look forward to browsing your blog... I love photography (only a newby to it), but enjoy seeing other's pictures. Best of all, you love the Lord lol.

Blessings to you!

Lynda Young said...

Hi Amanda, it's great to meet you :)
North Queensland is a place I dream of in the middle of winter. I once travelled there in the height of summer and I found myself jumping from air conditioned place to air conditioned place ;)

Amanda said...

Lynda, I am originally from Brisbane, a slightly cooler city than here. I seriously think I would die if it were not for air conditioning! I would kiss the feet of the person who invented it LOL.

I dislike the heat, but the winters are absolutely gorgeous.

sunnycalgirl said...

It is summer here in Southern Ca..It is not my favorite season but I am thankful for each day that God blesses me with. I was born in Palm Springs where it was not unusual to have days of 110 plus..So I shouldn't complain about ninety degree days. I appreciate all of the nice veggies my husband has grown and all of the great meals he has also cooked. Most plants have survived and we have recently returned from our yearly trip to WA state where we spent time with my son and his family. It was an opportunity for me to have some quality time with my granddaughters.Summer seems very long...I love fall and winter rains suit me well..

Lynda Young said...

Amanda, I'm hoping for a mild summer because we have here are fans...and icy drinks ;)

Sunnycalgirl, Fall is probably the best season of them all. The days are still warm, but not hot, and the nights are still cool.

God bless,

Just Be Real said...

I live in a warm part of my country, but temps. during winter can dip low as well. I prefer fall. For some reason, I am very suseptible to weather with respect to it can bring back memories for me. Good and bad unfortunately. Thank you for sharing Lyn. Blessings.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've NOT enjoyed the heat and my fast-growing grass, so looking forward to fall and winter in this part of the world.

Stuff could always be worse said...

Oh yes, it is a bit sad, to me. As life, seasons change. I do like the summer, even though it was very hot. Now fall is around the corner.

Sandy said...

I am waiting for my favorite
season of autumn. Already the
evenings are getting cooler
and I found a beautiful maple
leaf in the yard, all bright
and yellow-orange.

Lynda Young said...

JBR - weather has a way of bringing back strong memories. Hugs and blessings.

Alex - lol. Yep, our grass is starting to grow faster. And so are the weeds. Oh well.

Kim - it's ahrd when your favourite season is passing. But it also means we have something to look to next year ;)

Sandy - the colours of Autumn are gorgeous.

Karen said...

There are likes and dislikes for me during each season...but the upcoming fall time is my favorite...

Our summer in the SE United States has been a hot one...but ample rain has kept most things green...

Autumn colors, smells, food, name it....I like it!

Helen Ginger said...

Fall is in the air here in central Texas. Our highs are now only in the high 90s. Yay! 'Course, give me 5 or 6 months and I'll be like you, hoping for summer.

Lynda Young said...

Karen, you painted a wonderful picture of Autumn. It makes me want to come visit :)

Helen, I think too much of anything is...well... too much ;) Yay for change!

From The Heart Online said...

Mmm. stews, blankets ... sounds great :) The grass is always greener, eh? Our days are turning cooler here as we pull out our gardens and watch the days get shorter... I look forward to sliding down snowy hills, drinking hot chocolate, and hearing that crunch beneath our boots :)

(ask me how I feel about it in January though.. lol!)


Lynda Young said...

Kim, I don't get snow where I live, but that doesn't stop me from drinking hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate :)