Monday, May 31, 2010


I was reading about various diets and discovered a large number that encourage bad eating habits. Often these fad diets are endorsed by beautiful celebrities, but in my opinion these food choices only put more stress on our bodies. These diets even warn against bad health, bad breath, and other more unpleasant side effects. This just sounds crazy to me.

I’m not a dietician and I’m not a nutritionist, but I’ve learned through my faith in God that balance is the key to a healthy, productive life.

God asks us to be active and not lazy. But we must also rest.

God asks us to live in the community and help others. But we must also find quiet time alone with Him.

And so we can also find balance in our lifestyle and the food we eat. God provides nutrition for our bodies through a wide variety of foods. As custodians of our bodies, we need to eat to keep ourselves strong. Not too much, not too little. If we find this healthy balance, then we won’t need any fad diet.

Ask God to help you find balance in every part of your life.


Mari said...

Great advice!!

Sandy said...

I agree, Lynda. This is very
good advice and we do need
to ask the Lord to help us
find balance in every area
of our lives. We are so very
responsible for our health
and well-being, physically,
mentally, emotionally and
spiritually. And, thank God,
with His help we can find
and maintain balance.

Karen said...

Amen! Balance and moderation...that is what what dear Granddaddy preached and lived...all the way to 93 years old!

Anonymous said...

Balance is truly the key! How many "fad diets" I have been on in my younger days. One day, in my thirties, I read a book called "Stop Dieting, Start Living" and that tipped me towards "balance". I learned many wonderful things. Then when the LORD came into my life, and I read that this body is the temple for the Holy Spirit, I realized that taking care of this precious body was mighty important. I am doing fairly well on the balance side now. I am 62 and it took too long to learn, but I am learning. Praise God.
And, yes, Lynda, Memorial Day is exactly as you said: a tribute to those who have fallen in battle for our freedom. I found the name Anzac to be an interesting word, reminding me for some reason of my Dad. He served in the Pacific during WWII and was with a division from New Zealand on the Green Islands as they did the leapfrog thing to jump from island to island trying to stop the Japanese from getting supplies to vital islands to supply their troops. My dad was a doctor out there so cared for many wounded and saw many dead. I wish I had him here today to ask questions now that I am curious. Too late.
May your day be blessed with fruit and good things to eat. I just shopped and bought wonderful blackberries and cherries, enjoying them as I washed them. : )
loving you, ~ linda

sarah said...

this is great advice Lynda...

Lynda Young said...

Mari, Sandy, Sarah, Karen & Linda, thanks for popping by and leaving a comment. Your continued support is deeply appreciated. Many blessings to all of you.

Linda, I'm familiar with that book. I havent read it but I do know that it has a lot of commonsense.
And wow it would have been amazing to be able to ask your dad about his experiences in NZ. It's great you know as much as you do though.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Amen! It's all about balance. But even more so, it's about looking to our Heavenly Father to find that balance. Thanks for that great reminder! Take care my friend!

Rochelle said...

very well said! amen and amen!!!

Lynda Young said...

Alicia & Rochelle - you said it Alicia: it's about looking to the Lord to find that balance.

Thanks guys for leaving a comment :)

Just Be Real said...

Lyn this is good. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.