Friday, May 14, 2010

Fast Food and Christ

I was feeling a tad frivolous this morning, and food is never far from my thoughts, so I resurrected an amusing list I created for a youth group I used to lead:

10 Similarities Between Fast Food and Christ:
  1. The more you have, the more you want
  2. They both taste good
  3. When you ask for them, they both come quickly
  4. They are both filling
  5. If you leave them too long, the desire for them fades
  6. We often turn to them for comfort
  7. We often want to try them when we hear other people rave about them
  8. When we partake of either, we then need to exercise. (Exercise our bodies and exercise our faith)
  9. We are what we eat
  10. Just as fast food comes in many shapes, sizes and flavours, so too does the body of Christ.

5 Differences Between Fast Food and Christ:
  1. Christ says that if we drink from the spring of eternal life we will never be thirsty, but the fast food people want us to remain thirsty so that we keep buying their drinks.
  2. Fast Food encourages lazy people to remain lazy; Christ welcomes lazy people, but then changes them.
  3. We have to pay for fast food, but Christ is free
  4. Christ's promises are fulfilling, unlike the promising smells of fried chicken.
  5. With Christ we are given eternal life; with fast food we shorten our lives.

Can you think of other similarities and other differences?


Sandy said...

Well, I must say I really
enjoyed that! Very interesting
and thought-provoking.
God's Grace,

Lynda Young said...

Thanks Sandy...and welcome :)

Just Be Real said...

:) :) :)

Sherrinda said...

Oh I love this!!! What a great analogy. The only think I can think of it, we don't just drive through and grab Christ on the run. We sit and dine and enjoy His presence, feasting on all that He has for us. :)

Great post!!!!

Wendy Paine Miller said...

I've heard of experiments being done to McDonalds fries. They don't deteriorate over time.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Happy Friday,

Maggie S said...

Good Thinking...I once made a similar list about coffee. Just stopping by from Sugar Tails.

Karen said...

Loved this....

Lynda Young said...

Sherrinda - that's a great difference!! I love it! :)

Wendy - well said! :)

Maggie - I'd love to read your list about coffee some time :)

Karen and JBR - glad you liked :)

Danie Marie said...

Great analogies, Lynda.
Blessings, Danie

Lynda Young said...

Thanks Danie..and thanks for popping by :)