Friday, May 7, 2010

Making Sense – Touch

Today is the final day of my series about the five senses. I left the greatest until last: the sense of touch.

I believe the most important sense of all is touch. We need to be touched to enjoy a healthy mind, body and soul.

A baby deprived of touch will become sick. That deprivation will delay their growth and development. The babies who are touched, however, grow a lot faster and healthier.

We connect through the power of touch.

A hand on the shoulder is often greater comfort than words. I know that when I’m stressed, the gentle caress of my husband’s hand on my forehead quietens my frenzied mind.

Our Lord gave us the sense of touch to comfort one another. He gave us this gift to heal one another. He gave us this treasure so that together we might feel the world and praise our God for his countless blessings.

And God created us so that we can feel the gentle touch of His Spirit on our hearts. This touch tells us we aren’t alone. It tells us we are loved. It tells us we are saved.


Just Be Real said...

Lynda you are so very right about the sense of touch and the deprivation one can feel without it. Studies have revealed how important hugs and touch are to the well being. Thank you for sharing and thank you for all your support and encouragement to me. Just now trying to catch up on some blog reading. Blessings.

Lynda Young said...

JBR - huge hugs :)

Patrina said...

I missed your to go back and read:) this one is a greats one! I used to work in Assited Living before caring for dad here. The residents love the simple touch. They loved my hugs.

I have started placing my hand on Dad's forehead each night as I give him a blessing. then he blesses me back. I just started this about 3 weeks ago and it has made a dramatic difference in his mind and his attitude. It's so amazing!

Bless you this Mother's day

Patrina <")>><
His watchman on the wall


Lynda Young said...

Patrina - it's amazing isn't it. Touch even works on pets. Pets that are patted and hugged and shown this kind of love are so much healthier and happier.

Gregg said...

Great thoughts! Touch is so important!

Anonymous said...

This one is dear to me because it's my "love language" (the way I best interpret love). There is such healing in a touch. No wonder the enemy has tried to profane 'touch' and force man to make laws against it to the point where people are so afraid to touch one another today.
Good post - I have very much enjoyed these!

Rochelle said...

What a great series! I agree, the sense of touch is a really good, important one. I can feel so much better too just by being touched. Sadly, it can also be the one that can do the most harm when people abuse, etc. :(

Blessings to you! Thanks for always being so great about commenting on my blog! :)

sarah said...

for a long time I couldn't stand to be touched. I still struggle with it but I know it's a good thing. One thing I do love is being touched by Him. Thanks lynda

Warren Baldwin said...

It is insightful how Jesus would often touch those he was to heal. He could have done it simply by speaking (and on several occasions he did), but he did use touch. It communicating more than healing power - it communicated concern.

Good post. And thanks for the visit to Family Fountain. And I agree, as a (general :) rule it is a good idea to not pick up hitchhikers. And I usually don't!


Lynda Young said...

Thanks Gregg :)

That's so true, Deb. I'm afraid to touch people I don't know very well and even people I do know well.

Rochelle, again true. Oh and I loved that gadget thing you posted. I showed my husband and he suggested they would have to make the seat larger for men ;)

Sarah - yes, I can understand this. Touch is so connected to trust.

Warren, yes! exactly! I could write another whole post about that one...or more ;)

I have to confess, I once went hitchhiking in Ireland...oh, and England (lol). So, I really can't speak ;)

Anonymous said...

Great true. I am a hugger. I try to touch and greet people depending on their comfort level at church. It is amazing how touch minister to others.


Leslie, the Home Maker said...

And just imagine, one day we will be able to touch the nail holes in the hands of our Jesus and know once and for all, for real, the awesome love He has for us.
Love this series!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Aw, he (she?) looks so soft and touchable! Thanks for reminding us about the importance of touch. I love God's touch. How marvelous that He would want to touch us! (Makes me feel a little like that kitten.)

Lynda Young said...

Tammy, I like "huggers". True huggers always have a way of making people feel comfortable (in my opinion).

Leslie, I look forward to that day.

Elizabeth, the pic is my husband holding Cortana, our beloved cat, when she was a kitten. She is now 8 years old and still adorable.

Karen said...

What a wonderful message in this...the power of a single touch...sometimes that is all it takes to break down a stronghold...and there is nothing like a touch from the Lord....