Monday, May 3, 2010

Making Sense – Sight

God has given us the gift of five senses with which we can experience the world around us. This week I’ll be doing a 5 day ‘study’ on these senses. Ok, so ‘study’ may be too strong a word, but I will explore a sense a day just to see where it takes me. Today’s sense is sight.

I think of sight as an artist’s tool. We see and then we interpret. What one person sees is not always the same as what another person sees. One might see the kindness in a stranger’s eyes, whereas another might only see the stranger’s filthy clothes. What do you see?

Through sight we can perceive only brokenness and grow discouraged or we can behold God’s creation and rejoice.

We can witness God’s love in action, or we focus only on our failings.

We can find joy in a child’s smile.

We can see signs and wonders.

We can learn and grow.

We can dream.

Or we can close our eyes and choose darkness.

What do you choose?


Rebekah said...

Too true, perception and sight are totally linked. Two people can have identical experiences and perceive them completely differently!

I want to choose the joy, light, rejoice sight!
I try, but do not always manage... :0)

Barbara said...

Amen my new found friend, this is so good, yes two folks can see thevery same thing, but yet see it differently, May I always see the good in all things, in all of God's creation, and all that is given to me to enjoy.
Hugs ♥ Barbara from

Anonymous said...

This post reminded me of a group of homeless men who came to my church yesterday. On the outside they looked homeless. On the inside I saw hope in their eyes. One said he had been away from church for "awhile", but had been back for three weeks. Something about these men touched me. I was in tears after I met them. I think God helped me see with his eyes yesterday.


Kathy M. said...

What a great idea to explore the senses. I look forward to the rest of your "study."

I want to welcome you to my blog, and to thank you for your comments. It's nice to have good company on the journey. Hugs.

Rose said...

As an artist, I am always observing! Praise God for this amazing world which surrounds us with amazing beauty!

Lynda Young said...

Rebekah, yep, I too want to choose joy and light. The more we seek it, the more we will find it.

Barbara, welcome to my blog! Amen to seeing the good in all things.

Tammy, awesome story. I had a similar thing happen recently also. God's vision clearer than ours. We need to trust Him more.

Kathy, I've visited your blog many times. I actually felt a bit foolish when I realised I wasn't actually a follower - I can be such a nub at times ;) Glad I'm a follower now :)

Rose, oh no! you're an artist AND a writer? How do you stay sane? I'd really like to know because I struggle at times ;)

alicia said...

I love this post. Life is so much better when we choose to see joy and light, especially the reason for the joy and light!

Lynda Young said...

Yes exactly, Alicia, it's the reason for the joy and light that makes it possible to see.

Faith Imagined said...

I adore this line, "Through sight we can perceive only brokenness and grow discouraged or we can behold God’s creation and rejoice." I want to see God's beautiful creation!

Lynda Young said...

wow, you're up late, Alisa. I don't usually get comments around now (almost my lunch time). Actually I don't know what time it is for you. It's more of an assumption ;)

And yes, I want to see God's beautiful creation ALL the time, not just some of the time :)

Anonymous said...

I 'see' many things others miss or aren't open to seeing. Without thinking, I can 'see' behind the eyes of many people. It seems that those I can't see behind, I tend not to trust. I guess because I'm really a transparent person and easily let others see behind my eyes.
I'm very detailed when I paint or sketch. I LOVE details - even the smallest one's. So I guess I see details.
Thanks for making me ponder this one.

NanaNor's said...

Dear Lynda, I try to see the world as a gift of life from the Lord-and all of creation as His glory. Love this post-God is so amazing and to think He loves us and shows that by all that we see.

Karen said...

I , too, choose the light...and to try and see others through the eyes of Christ....