Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mum ‘n’ Me

Deb over at Truth Vessel issued a "Tag" last week to all who follow/read her blog. The game is to look in your computer's photo files. Go to the 8th folder and choose the 8th picture, then post that pic and write about it.

My eighth folder is filled with images I took in 2008. The eighth photo was the picture you see above. It was taken on the balcony of a restaurant overlooking a winery in the Hunter Valley (about a 2 hour drive north of Sydney). We went there to celebrate my mum’s birthday.

My mum and I are best friends. We’ve gone through a lot together. We share all our struggles. We laugh at each other’s terrible jokes. We talk and we talk. We want the best for each other.

Because of this, my mum has been a powerful influence in my life. If you’ve read my testimony, then you will know that she is the one who brought me to Christ. And she had only been a Christian for a year. She became a minister and led many churches. She showed me that so much is possible if we only put our faith in God.

She even taught me the meaning of sacrifice. She gave up so much for her family. And she gave up so much for her Lord. My mum is an amazing artist, but she gave it up so that she could focus on her ministry work. At first I didn’t understand this. I thought she was giving up too much, but she always reassured me that when she retired God would give her the time to paint again. I am sure that conviction was what got her through some of the more difficult challenges she had to face.

Now she is retired and, yes, she is painting again. She works in the traditional mediums of oils and inks and watercolours. But her work is far from traditional. Every time I visit her the smell of turps fills the spare room/studio. Her eyes beam with excitement as she shows me her latest creations.

I love my mum. I feel so blessed to have a friend like her.

Who has had a huge influence in your life?
Is anyone brave enough to post the 8th pic in their 8th photo folder?


Patrina said...

I see the remarkable the physical and the spiritual . You are much like your mum - from what I know of you. You are a blessed daughter too!!

Lovely tribute to your mum... I taught myself to oil paint when my children were young..How I ever found time for that, I still don't know. But my kids remember it and thnik I too should take it up again.....maybe.. :) thanks for sharing your mum.

Patrina <")>><

Lynda Young said...

We have the same mannerisms too so people who see us together always comment on how alike we look ;)

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Lynda..
Wonderful post, How blessed that you were lead to the Lord by your Mom!!! Many don't have that leading in their homes, I know I didn't. But I ended up leading my Mom and Dad to the Lord, and I will never forget that day!!.
Thanks for stopping by I am always blessed to see you!!!

Hugz Lorie

Just Be Real said...

Very nice Lyn, thanks for sharing.

Cherie Hill said...

You truly are blessed have a wonderful mother that lives in Christ!!!! Praying you have a super blessed week filled with unexpected grace and mercy from God.
With joy,

Lynda Young said...

Lorie, it was just my mum. Neither my dad nor my brother are Christians. I pray for them daily.

JBR, hugs

Cherie, thanks. Many blessings to you too :)

Anonymous said...

You have such 'kindred spirits' that you look more like sisters than mom and daughter. There's a deep connection in your eyes - deeper than something like many typical surface relationships (if that makes sense).
I'm believing God 'put a hold' on your Mum's painting so that she could experience a fullness of life with Him first - then allow Him to work through her hands and lead her in 'untraditional' ways through her art?
Thank you so much for sharing your 8th - 8th! Beautiful (and timely) post!

Gregg said...

Great picture and a great tribute!

Barbara said...

Wonderful sweetie, I still miss my mom after all this time, almost 20 years now. God bless you sweetie, and great tribute to your precious mother. Hugs Barbara

Stuff could always be worse said...

Thanks for the Mum post...great for you and your Mum

arlee bird said...

My Dad, who passed away 20 years ago at age 67, probably has influenced me the most, but my Mother, who is still living at age 81, has also had a huge influence. I don't see her much because I live so far away from her, but we talk on the phone 2 or 3 times a week.

I guess I must not have many pictures stored on my computer. I'm bad about taking pictures and I should probably take more.

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Betty said...

What a great picture of you and your mum!
Lovely post, thanks for ssaring!
Hope your week ahead is a great one!
Betty xx

Lynda Young said...

Thanks guys for your encouraging comments :)

Deb, "kindred spirits" - I like that. We are very much like sisters. Thanks for the "tag" challenge.

Barbara & Arlee, I imagine I would never stop missing my mum. I miss her even now because she lives so far away.

Betty & 'Stuff...', thanks so much. :)

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

What a great picture! You do look a lot like her. She sounds like an amazing lady. Many blessings to you and your Mum!

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing these precious memories in such a sweet tribute...both of you ladies have beautiful smiles!

Lynda Young said...

Alicia, She is an amazing lady. I don't think she realises how amazing.

Karen, aw, thank you :)

Rochelle said...

Aw, such a sweet post :)

Hmmm... I'll have to see what is in that folder of mine!