Monday, March 8, 2010

I am Yours

Yesterday I needed to interrupt my husband from an involved job so I could gain both his attention and his help. He immediately stopped what he was doing, smiled and said, “I’m yours.”

It was such a simple phrase but it meant so much to me. With those words he told me I had his complete attention. He showed me he was eager to help, and he waited patiently for me to ask him whatever it was I needed of him. Because of this his words spoke volumes of his love for me.

Then I realised that these are the words we should regularly say to our Lord. I am Yours. These words tell our God – and remind ourselves – that we are eager for his direction, that he has our full attention, and that we love him so deeply that we are willing to do the things he asks of us.

But the most wonderful thing is that these are the words God says to us. We are his and he is ours.


Rebekah said...

Beautiful. I love posts like this.

Lynda Young said...

I wish I could write more like this.

Alleluiabelle said...

Sweet Friend,

This is so touched my heart deeply. Thank you for stirring up my love for Him even more.

We are all precious in His eyes...Yes, "We are his and he is ours." BEAUTIFUL!