Monday, March 22, 2010

Made Special

Meet Cortana, my gorgeous eight year old cat. She looks like a spoiled member of some ancient royalty basking there in the autumn sunlight, but she’s not. She is neither royal nor spoiled. She is just a common household cat, who frequently has to be reminded of the rules. Regardless of her behaviour, what makes her special is that she is loved and she accepts this love.

We too are made special because we are loved by God. We aren’t special because we might be blessed with a high level of creativity or drive. We aren’t special because we are successful in life, or because we might be rich or even because we might be poor. Beauty doesn’t make us special, luck doesn’t make us special and influence certainly doesn’t make us special.

Only God makes us special because he loves us. And, just like Cortana, even though we need to be reminded about acceptable behaviour, that doesn’t change God’s love for us. While we accept His love, we can bask in His light.


Deborah Ann said...

Oh ..... my spirit got stirred up big time here! You have stated the pure and simple truth of God's love so deeply and poetic! I need to hear these words often, because I tend to think God doesn't love me at times, because I fall so short. But He does...He loves us all so much!

Lynda Young said...

I didn't know what I was going to write for this post - such are the struggles of posting something everyday ;) But this one was all God. He gave me the words. I'm so glad it's spoken to you.

Rose said...

What a stunning cat and one more example of unique all of God's creatures are! Amen to you it!