Sunday, March 14, 2010

With Thanks...

Postscript to the Rainbow Faith post on Friday (and matching wallpaper):

The very next day I did see a rainbow after more than a year without seeing one. It was bright, it was beautiful, and it was there for only a moment. I thanked the Lord and reminded myself again that it’s not about me, but rather it’s about God. And so today’s prayer is one of thankfulness.

Loving Father,

Your Greatness is immeasurable, your Power unfathomable and your Love is all encompassing. I thank you for your patience when I look elsewhere for solace, for encouragement, and for approval. I thank you that these things you give freely and in full measure; I have only to accept them.

Thank you for continuing to teach me of your Glory regardless of my pride. Thank you for continuing to love me, regardless of my faults. Thank you for continuing to remind me of how wonderful you truly are and will always be, regardless of my blindness. And most especially I thank you for your faithfulness which will endure forever and ever.

In your Son’s name,



Deborah Ann said...

Beautiful prayer, Lynda!

Lynda Young said...

Thank you so much, Deborah. It means a lot :)