Tuesday, April 20, 2010

6 Easy Ways to Gain Elephant Skin

Did you know that an elephant’s skin is extremely tough around most parts of its body and measures about 2.5cm thick? Now that’s thick skin! Is your skin this thick? Do you have the ability to shrug off criticism, or better, learn from it? Can you ignore jibes? Can you shut out other people’s doubts about you?

Below are six easy ways to grow an elephant skin:

1. Never take it personally. Often when faced with those who are quick to judge, they have no real understanding of your position. They may be thinking they are helping you. They may be jealous. They may be afraid. What they are feeling is their problem, not yours.

2. Do your Best. You can’t be criticised for being lazy if you do your best.

3. Persevere. Don’t turn yourself into a victim by listening to hurtful words. Don’t give up if you are offered criticism. Learn from the experience. Bend in the storms, but don’t give up.

4. Pray. Pray for strength to withstand the doubts, the fears, the jibes. Pray for a thick elephant skin.

5. Trust God. Trust Him to open the doors of opportunity when they need to be opened. Trust Him to close those doors if it’s not where you are supposed to be. And believe that He will give you the desire, the drive and the ability to achieve the things you need to achieve.

6. Know you are loved. God loves you and will never stop loving you. He will hold you close and protect you. His faithfulness can never be questioned. All those doubters and haters can’t touch you because of this love.

Can you think of other ways of overcoming criticism and doubts?

photo: rock formation at Bare Island, Sydney, Australia


Karen said...

Good advice here...I always need to be reminded about thickening my skin....

Lynda Young said...

Yep, so do I, Karen :)

Prayer Girl said...

I was just discussing this idea with my daughter earlier this evening. I will have her read this. She needs to develop a harder skin, elephant skin, to protect her.

Loved this post.


Lynda Young said...

PG, it's amazing the way the Lord works :)

Faith Imagined said...

What a great and much needed post! I have a problem with taking things personally. I need to understand that there is always more to the story.

Charmaine Clancy said...

What an uplifting post. I'm too slow to catch on when someone makes a negative comment directed at me, so I'm usually blissfully unaware that it should be personal :-)

Just Be Real/God Whispers In The Wind said...

I love this post Lynda. Very good. Thanks for putting this inspiring post up. I am still pressing on in all accounts. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

This is a really great post.... So needed. I notice the more God has me walk in all He is creating me to be. The criticism is increasing. He is putting me out in front and people see and judge. In the past I was content being in the back. I learned not to cause any waves. As I have allowed the Holy Spirit to direct me more, He likes to cause waves. So, I need to have a thick elephant skin now.

I also like the scripture of the day. :)



Growing a little elephant skin is very good advice.
Number 1 and 3 are the most difficult for me.
But with God all things are possible.

Great post!

Lisa said...

Real things to work on...Great post!!! I will come back to read this one often. I need it often!

Kathy M. said...

Hi Lynda,

Thank you for this wonderful message. I'm slowly learning in Al-Anon how not to be affected by other people's actions, thoughts and opinions, but it's not always easy. For me, a strong relationship with God is key to almost everything.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comments. It's so nice to meet you!

Goose Hill Farm said...

Good morning, Lynda~

What a great post. Having seven brothers and sisters, I learned at a early age to do my best and let things roll of my back. I have to admit though, that some days that is hard. But by putting my faith and trust in God, I can do anything!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for following my blog, and leaving the encouraging words!

Rose said...

Oh my, I need to thicken up my skin. I am so guilty of many of those things you posted. Thanks for the reminder!

Shen said...

Wonderful list. Remembering things are not about me is something I keep hearing lately... I guess maybe I should let that one under my skin. :)

Lynda Young said...

Alisa, I'm always taking things too personally and I'm over sensitive, but God is working with me and he is transforming me.

Charmaine, oh I wish I were too slow catching on when someone is having a go. :)

JBR, pressing on is what it's all about.

Tammy, I'm finding that as well. I can so relate to what you are saying.

Ron, same here

Lisa, yes, this is a message I need to hear often to remind me too.

Kathy, That's so true. Our relationship with God is key.

Laura, wow, I had a hard enough time dealing with one brother! I can't imagine 7 siblings.

Missy, thanks for leaving a comment :)

Rose, wish I could say I wasn't, but that's being human. Hugs.

Shen, it's not a thing we can change overnight, but God gets us through and helps us to remember and gives us courage to keep going :)

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

A great blog, well said. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

Lynda Young said...

Thanks, Katherine, and welcome :)