Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Which Animal Are You?

Are you an eagle or a duck?
Do you soar on wings like eagles (Isaiah 40:31)?
Or do you wander around the picnic grounds like a duck looking for scraps?

Are you a lion or a mouse?
Are you strong and fierce for the Lord?
Or do you hide and scurry about, lacking in courage to take a stand?

Are you a deer or a sloth?
Do you scale great heights (Psalm 18:33)?
Or do you go nowhere and do nothing?

Are you a dog or a cat?
Do you follow your Master, happy to do His bidding?
Or are you independent and indifferent?

These are questions you need to ask yourself.
Your answers will reveal how close your relationship is with God.

Do you give your all?
Or do you hold back?


Karen said...

Oh, excellent questions! I fear at times my life has leaned towards the feline persuasion...I am so thankful God is patient and merciful....

Wendy Paine Miller said...

Lately I'm an eagle. God has sent me that verse numerous times over the past month to really speak to my I'll go with it.
~ Wendy

Lynda Young said...

Karen, yep it's awesome how God is patient with us.

Wendy, that is so brilliant to be able to say that. Praise God! :)

Sandra Heska King said...

I love how animals can teach us so much about God. Actually, I kinda want to be a sloth. Because I ended up with a new appreciation for sloths on my blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

Good questions.....making me think.


God's girl said...

Wow, very thought provoking questions. I will definitely have to think on this one! Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog!
Blessings! Heaven

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh I pray I give my all! This has been on my heart lately. I want to give Him my all & completely sold out for Christ!

Andrea said...

Great post! Praying I will always give my all...however, I know there are times when I have failed. I am thankful for the opportunities HE has given me to get up and try again.
Blessings, andrea

Rose said...

Those are great points to ponder. Thanks for sharing them!

Just Be Real/God Whispers In The Wind said...


Lynda Young said...

Sandra, apparently I need to check that out and learn a bit more about sloths :)

Tammy, awesome

GG, it's just another way of gauge where your relationship is with God. An important thing to do. Glad its thought provoking

Alicia, I'll pray with you becaue I want the same too :)

Andrea, He will always give us opportunities to keep trying again. His love for us is ceaseless.

Rose, hugs

JBR, lol. I'm not 100% sure what that means, but I appreciate any response. Is it that you don't understand the post or don't agree with the post maybe?