Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life Rescue

Apparently about 150 people fall from large ships each year and three quarters of them are not found again. I can’t even image what it would be like to know you are no more than a speck in a vast ocean and the likelihood of being found is near zero. This is a tragic loss of life and a terrible way to go.

The good news is that a pair of clever Australian inventors created life buoys fitted with Global Positioning Systems. The floatation aids use the satellite tracking technology to help rescue crews find people lost at sea.

They are currently still in the trial process, but this led me to thinking about how God doesn’t need technology to find us.

He will find us in the storms.
He will find us in the fogs.
He will find us in the darkness.

God is our Rescuer.

He keeps us afloat when the anxieties of life threaten to drown us. We only have to reach out and accept that help.


Just Be Real said...

Oh this is so good Lynda. God does not need anything fancy to locate us. He knows exactly where to find us. We have our own alert system in us to be located by Him, called the heart. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

Helen Ginger said...

That's interesting about the GPS in the flotation aids. 'Course, most people on big cruise ships who fall overboard don't have on any flotation device, I suspect.

Very nice post - and I love the picture.

Straight From Hel

alicia said...

I love this post! We are never lost in His eyes, we just need to accept the life ring that he holds out for us.

Thanks for stopping by my blog- I am looking forward to know you!

Shen said...

Yes. thank you, I needed this reminder this morning. We are never really alone.

Maria I. Morgan said...

I'm so glad that we're never hidden from God. Even when we may not 'feel' His presence, He is there! The truth trumps feelings every time! Thanks for this post!

I'm also part of the KJV blogroll. Please feel free to visit my site, Life Lessons. Have a blessed day!

Lynda Young said...

JBR - well said about the heart.

Helen - Yeah, you are right. But it's good if you are seen to fall overboard and someone can throw you a buoy equpped with a gps. If it saves one life then it's worth it.

Alicia - sometimes we are stubborn and don't accept those life rings God hands out to us. It's so crazy.

Shen - never ever alone :)

Maria - I like that: "The truth trumps feelings every time!" It's so true.

NanaNor's said...

Blessings to you Lynda, Thank you for stopping by my blog today; I'm blessed you would visit!
I love this post and it is so relevant for every person alive today. I look forward to reading more of you.

Lynda Young said...

Welcome, Noreen. Thanks for leaving a comment :)

Susan said...


Well said. :)