Monday, April 12, 2010

Of Planets and Normalities.

Who wants to be normal? Who wants to stand out? Many of us want both, but is it possible?

Planet CoRot-9b is an exciting discovery. It was found in a constellation 1500 light years from Earth. Its orbit is similar to that of Mercury. Its size is similar to that of Jupiter and it’s believed that its surface temperature is between -20 degrees and 160 degrees Celsius. This makes the planet mighty similar to those in our own solar system.

This planet stands out because of its very normality.

We as Christians can also stand out for the better when we embrace our ‘normality’.

As a Christian it’s normal to show kindness when no kindness is first shown to us.

It’s normal to forgive the unforgivable.

It’s normal to love the unlovable.

It’s normal to care when no one else does.

These things don’t make us extraordinary. They make us normal in Christ. They may not always seem easy, but it’s God’s power that makes them possible.

And these are the things that make a difference. These are the things that people notice and remember.

We are not strange and unusual. We are normal.

Do you embrace your normality? Do you feel normal? Or do you feel highly unusual?


Rebekah said...

Nice post! Also, you won the featured post !
come check it out.

Lynda Young said...

Oh wow, Rebekah, thank you so very much. I really do feel very honoured.

Just Be Real/God Whispers In The Wind said...

Thank you for sharing, Lynda.

Wendy Paine Miller said...

Love how this made me think.
~ Wendy

Rose said...

Good food for thought...are we a normal peculiar people?

Rochelle said...

I always feel highly unusual, but not because I'm a Christian... just cuz I'm a bit of a dork. ;)

Great post!

Rebekah said...

P.S I have given you a award, have fun with it!

Lynda Young said...

JBR - hugs

Wendy - yeah it kinda made me think too. This post took me longer than usual to write.

Rose - oh Rose! Welcome back! I'm hoping you are feeling a whole lot better now. As for being a normal peculiar people, I say nope, just normal. If we live the Christian life as God intended then we are made so perfectly normal by Him.

Rochelle - hehe, yeah I'm a serious dork as well. I think I embarrass my friends because of it some times ;)

Rebekah - oh an award. This is be my first! Thank you :)

Deborah Ann said...

I never thought of it that way before...that acts of kindness are 'normal'...I guess in this world it always seems unusual when someone does something nice, it's so unexpected. But it shouldn't be. It should be expected, because it's normal!

Lynda Young said...

Deborah Ann, the other thing is that if we think of it as normal then we shouldn't expect a pat on the back just for doing the right thing. No expectations are set up. We don't go looking for rewards. And we don't start thinking how great we are. We do it because it's normal and right to do it.

Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @

I stumbled across your blog--love the theme of normal to God (but foreign to the world). Ive been thinking about that a lot. Four years ago I was diagnosed with a crippling chronic remission now, but discovered my abnormality to the things of this world as my priorities shifted.

Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes I do feel normal but not also!